Understand my family situation

Here is a little explanation just in case you wonder….

I am a woman girl, chick 🙂 born in Hungary. I moved to Sweden in my early 20’s and started my independent life together with a Swedish guy. I lived there for 8 years but in such a period of my life that I call myself rather Swedish than Hungarian nowadays actually. Two of my kids (the girls) were born in Sweden. I had learned the culture, the language, I had a good job at one of the biggest Telecom giants and I made quite a lot of friends there.

Later on I moved on, returned to my home country, found a Hungarian guy to live together with and got my third kid (the boy). The girls spend quite a lot of time in Sweden still at their father’s house who lives together with a new girlfriend that has a son too…Oh My!

Now I have 3 kids from 2 fathers and 2 different countries. Just imagine how tough it is for us to plan something. Sometimes I feel that I go crazy and want to get out of this hoo-ha!


2 thoughts on “Understand my family situation

  1. Sounds like an interesting life you’ve had so far !
    I used to do sales in the telcos industry. Looks like we have a common link besides being mothers 🙂
    Look forward to reading more of your blog !

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