About me

Hi there! Thanks for dropping by Escapist Mom!

In case you are really interested, here comes some bits of information about me.

My name is Virag, and I am 35. I live in Hungary. At the age of 21 I moved to Sweden, love took me there, to a Swedish guy.

I lived there for 8 years and after that I gave up everything and moved back to Hungary again. By that time I had 2 girls from that relationship. Not so long time after I ended up in a new relationship being pregnant again, having kid no 3.

I had difficulties living in Sweden but I find life rather uneasy here in Hungary too. Being a mom is something extraordinary. Every woman knows that. BUT somehow I had to realize that it can not be my only goal.

This blog is about my struggles, my thoughts and feelings. My intention is not only to talk about kids, never the less I have so much in my mind about life, why’ s and how’ s.

I hope you and I can have a conversation and share some of our real life experiences together.  Join me, I welcome your thoughts and ideas!

Take a look around and grab the shiny new “Follow” button to stay updated. See you around! And don’t forget to comment, your words are candy to my eyes!


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