“This is solid gold shit Maestro…”

Christmas time is on its way, we can all sense its presence more and more. Shops, streets, tv channels are flooded with Christmas lights and decorations, we all started to plan to decorate our house, and some of us has already put up the XMas tree too!


Even I am in a Christmas mood too, planning to have a 1st Advent neighborhood party this weekend. Is is not going to be a conventional party, we are going to light a campfire outside and make punch over it, serve easy food, and basically have fun outside until we freeze so much to move inside the house. We have such a great bunch of people living on our street, it’ll be lots of fun, lots of laughters, uncountable kids and maybe a karaoke party as well (we have had one at the end of this summer, it turned out to be awesome, people were singing loose and having a great time, and I must say that at least half of our town “enjoyed” our greatest voices LOL, because we had the singing and the party outside).

Period: Hopefully I get all the decorations ready by then :).


Until then, from my favorite Christmas spirit movie ever, let me present Billy Mack, The Man!

He is freakin’ hilarious LOL              En-joy!


4 thoughts on ““This is solid gold shit Maestro…”

  1. Omigosh, I just watched “Love Actually” for the third time a month ago and I’ll have to watch it again. It sure puts me in the Christmas spirit. =) And you are SOO lucky to have such an amazing community, Virag! It sounds like the community-feel of the streets here too. =) Thanks for this cheery post!

    • OMG! So you like Love Actually too! I just can’t get enough of it! 🙂
      Yes, my community is kinda’ amazing, between March and October we have spontaneous parties with them almost every single week :). It is enough saying HI to each other when mowing the lawn, and it usually results a nice party with almost everyone from the neighborhood with all those kids. Too much fun, LOL!

  2. Hi Virag,
    I have been also feeling the Christmas spirit lately as well and I can’t wait to put up some decorations. You first advent neighborhood part sounds like a lot of fun, I hope I can go to one of those this year.

    Take Care…

    • Hi Justin, I am so glad to have you here, on my blog! Welcome!
      Our first advent neighborhood party turned out to be pretty cool, noone has ever organized an outside party before at the end of November…(noone I know anyways) 🙂 We lit a huge fire and we kept it alive throughout the whole night. We made special spicy punch on the fire too…it was pretty popular in this cold weather 🙂

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