Is he racist?

Do you get terrified as well when your -too young to even think what she/he is saying- kid pulls up “nice” and pretty loud embarrassing, strongly racist statements, preferably when there are a lot of people around not knowing how much they embarrass you?

Well, the story I am about to tell you was just too funny(?), yet really shocking (for me at least).

In my family we teach our kids to be open-minded and that everyone in the world is equal and is worth the same no matter what others may say or think. This has not been any problem for them at all, as you might know there are a lot of immigrants living in Sweden, it is just so natural that everyone lives beside each other. So my girls -who grew up partly in Sweden- it is something really natural and they never comment on the differences in looks. They have playmates from almost every continent at school, it is a lovely colorful view, I love it.

It is a bit different when we come to my youngest one (little Mr. E), he grew up 100% in Hungary and since Hungary is not as attractive country to flee to as a refugee or to move to for work, he did not have so many chances meeting up with other than “European looking” people in his short life.

Well. Yesterday evening I took the kids to a fast food restaurant (the one with the clown, you know) and as we were eating our meals, my son shouts out really loud: “Look Mom! That “uncle” has the same color as my monkey!”


Wow…I almost spit my food out. I was not sure that I heard right, I turned around and there he was: a rather rare view in Hungary, an “African-American” guy (handsome as hell :)), together with his blond girlfriend and I must say, the difference was rather noticeable, especially for a 4 years old kid.

So I told him that we are not saying this, are we? But it was too late, because the girls started to laugh sooo much already so little E. thought that he said something really funny…so he raised his voice even more and said it over and over again until I got mad and shouted at him to stop it. I told him that it is really bad to say this and it makes the guy sad. He kept asking why?.

I was so not prepared to this…still in slight shock, there were at least 20 people who sat close to us and witnessed the story and I was so embarrassed.

Well-well. What do you do? Kids. I understand that they don’t understand. But it was hell of an experience (lesson?) to me. I really hope that people in the restaurant understood the situation and my struggles trying to shut him up at last. 😀


One thought on “Is he racist?

  1. Wow! My jaw just dropped! LOL. My 3 yro says very often “the big scary BLACK man is coming to get me”. For whatever reason whenever he is talking about a villain from a movie he always declares that they are black. I’m not sure if he means bad or what but I am a little nervous if he ever says it in public. But what are ya going to do?

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