Da nails…

Sometimes I have to do things to make me feel better. This time it was my nails. I made these myself (not perfect as you can see), but I am quite happy with them. It brings a little shine and glamor to my ordinary (sometimes boring) life as a mom.

OK, I know that most of you will shout out loud: “IT IS NOT BORING BEING A MOM!!!” Well, I mean taking care of everything that comes with having kids is boring, such as cleaning up their (and after a while our) rooms, washing, ironing, cooking meals that everyone would eat, bla bla bla.

So do you think that the nails look a bit childish? Or are they trendy? I can not decide myself…


One thought on “Da nails…

  1. Absolutely beautiful, Virag! =) You know, I very rarely do my nails, but I love the idea of indulging yourself. =) To me, the glitter and pink reflect how young you are at heart and that energy that accompanies youth!

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