A girl with a temper…bomb explosions

I’ve been off-line for some time now, we had our annual summer vacation. We usually go to Croatia, but this year we stayed within Hungary. We don’t have any coastlines but we do have some nice lakes in Hungary.

We hooked up our caravan, took half of the house with us (sheets, towels, toys, food, bicycles etc.) and after some hours in the car we finally settled down just right next to lake Balaton in a huge camping. I must say that this was just perfect, we spent 10 days right beside the lake, we cooked, ate, played, grilled, watched sunsets, had chat-nights right beside the water. Perfect!

The kids could attend to various kids’ programs 3 times a day, they even had disco for them! They were having great time too. BUT my middle kid, A., she has such a temper, they usually say that the middle kid is the one that has to fight for her rights, fight to be heard, fight up, and fight down too. 🙂

I have to admit that this applies to my family as well, despite of the fact that we care about our kids equally. The only thing is that we just have to wait for the A. bomb to explode most of the time and these explosions come right out of nothing.

I wanted to share with you one of her explosions, when they were riding go-cart at the camping. It was for free for the kids and only one (double seated) go-cart per family at a time. So we agreed with them that A. gets to drive first and then it is O.’s turn while little E. who is unable to drive gets to ride in the back. Off A. went with the go-cart, but by the time it was time for getting off and letting her sister ride she freaked out. 🙂 She shouted, screamed, hit everyone and everything that came to her way.

Usually I do not know whether to cry or laugh so helpless I feel. I guess none of them is a good solution… My major efforts go on trying to protect her from hurting herself and the others from A. bomb. But after some minutes these explosions are over, the “devil” is gone and she turns into an angel again. Luckily.


Man, dealing with kids is a really hard work!


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