Would you let your daughter get a boyish haircut?

My eldest daughter miss (?) O. has been like a tomboy for a while now, requesting me to cut her hair short, to buy her boys’ clothes and toys. She would never accept anything that comes in pink or purple color.

Mom! Forget about these!

I must say that she was a real girlish toddler thanks to me putting pink and purple clothes on her with butterfly, cute animal and princess prints on. I even made piggy tales for her!

Hmmm, are you sure about his Mom?

I don’t know whether she hated them already then (it looks like that) but as soon as she became like 3 years old she started to speak her mind on outfits. Black it should be with tough Batman and Superman prints! Oh my!

Anyways I let her choose all her clothes, I let her get short haircuts as seen in magazines. Luckily we have a cool hairdresser who follows her wishes and does not judge us. This is how she usually looks:

This is her latest punk-rock haircut, kinda cool, right?

Actually I don’t mind her looking like this, I let her wear the clothes she feels comfortable wearing.

Do you think that I am encouraging her? If yes, is this too bad? Do you have kids that do not follow the “pattern”?


2 thoughts on “Would you let your daughter get a boyish haircut?

    • Hi Krissa,
      Nice hearing from you again!
      This tomboy look of her does not bother me at all actually, as a matter of fact I find it quite cool. My in-between kid, A. is a REAL girl, with the girlish attitude and look, I can dress her in pink, so I have one real girl at least :D.

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