Does this look totally unprofessional to you?

Hi there again,

I made a new header for my blog some days ago to fit my feelings as an Escapist Mom. I am not really happy with the result though 🙂 . See the very top of this page to understand what this crazy person means…

I think it totally symbolizes my hesitation grade and the fact that I am struggling between two countries that I feel I belong to in some way.

Can you belong to two countries at the same time?

Can you understand and fit in two different cultures?

Can you be Swedish just because you have happened to live there for 8 years and that just at the time when you became an adult?

My girls are spending a lot of times in Sweden at their’s father’s house and I do miss them a lot those weeks/months. If I did not have a new family and son here in Hungary, I would have run to them already…. 😦

While living in Sweden I always complained about the weather and was missing my family back in Hungary. Now, when I had moved back to Hungary I still have to miss a part of my family…since my girls are away from me a lot…this is not getting any better I have realized now.

I managed to tangle my own and my close family members’ lives. I am not sure I wanted that actually…

But anyways, I made the “logo” with just about the message I wanted to sent out but surely it would need some nicer graphical design, right? Since I am not good at art, I have difficulties even seeing things I ask you guys there, does this look totally unprofessional for you? 😀

Thanks for your comments and advises, I would really appreciate them!


2 thoughts on “Does this look totally unprofessional to you?

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