As simple as it can be – drawings at young age

A couple of days ago I published a post about Harry Potter and I happened to include one of my daughter’ s O’ s drawings.  Samantha from What Little Things? told me that she actually liked it so it made me remember an early drawing of O’ s. She could have been like 4 years old, one morning she came to our bedroom waking us up saying that she had drawn a horse and his rider.

I was surely amazed at her way of visualizing a horseback rider with so few simple lines and using just one colour. Here it is.

It had everything, the sun, a cloud, the ground, a horse, a rider, look at the details on the horse 🙂 .

Isn’t this something extraordinary when a whole world of possibilities unfolds for your kid and he/she is suddenly being able to portray whatever is in his/her mind?

I remember now how it felt being a small kid, having crayons, pens and pencils in front of me, it was just a wonderful feeling being able to draw just what came to my mind, it really felt like I was in control. I had no boundaries at all, I was totally free.

Have you as well had these feelings? Do you ever recall the little artist in you?


3 thoughts on “As simple as it can be – drawings at young age

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for the mention here, Virag! =)

    Your daughter is absolutely amazing! She really has an eye for detail and for art!

    I don’t remember having artistic tendencies as a child, but I do remember loving to write and tell stories! My dad had an old DOS computer with a very basic word processor that I used to start a whole bunch of stories that I never finished! =) Thanks for having me reminisce, friend! =)

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