Don’t you just all love Harry Potter?

Ever since the first book first appeared on the book store shelves I have been a fan although I was already a young adult by that time 🙂 .   I must admit that I still am quite young at heart for these kind of things. I love going to the movies with my kids to see cartoons or films made for children. Usually these are made with jokes that even adults laugh at.

I have no idea what caught my interest, but it came without question in right time, with the right topic, just right amount of excitement and darkness in that book for me and for millions of people around the world to actually buy it. Brilliant idea to make it a series of 7 books, each about one school year at Hogwarts.

I had bought all 7 of the books, they are standing on my bookshelf waiting for a studious and interested daughter to catch up on them. She is in second grade at elementary school, now she could be able to read them without problem. See how much of a fan she has been since young age, she drew this for me at the age of 5:

You might wonder how she knew about Harry that time…I must admit that we let the kids watch the movies, making sure that they understand that it was not for real, just a fantasy world and they just loved them all (well, except for the second part of the very last one, we haven’t seen that one yet).

Now I wonder whether it is going to be easy actually making them read the books as well. We’ll see. But I must say that we, parents have some responsibilities here: we must open our kids eyes for books, make them understand that the best story is the story that they make up in their own mind while reading a book.

So read a lot for them at young age already, make them love and respect books!


8 thoughts on “Don’t you just all love Harry Potter?

  1. As a kid, I absolutely adored reading! I am a huge HP fan, although I do like the books more than the movies. I think a bit past age 5 (perhaps at 6 or 7) I was devouring the Boxcar Children series, Nancy Drew and any fantasy book that was within my reading level. I think if you help your daughter with the first book she would love seeing all the “behind the scenes” descriptions to what she saw happening in the film (I know I would have)!

  2. Virag, I absolutely loved how this post had me reminiscing on being a child again. That’s what I feel like when I watch movies like Harry Potter or animated movies. In fact, I just went to watch Kung Fu Panda 2 with my partner and his younger siblings. There’s something about the simplicity and the life lessons in these kinds of movies that appeal to me! =)

    Please let your daughter know that I loved her drawing! She is such an artist! =)

    Thank you so much for reaching out again, Virag! =) Looking forward to staying in touch! =)

    • Hi Samantha,

      Yes, these animated movies are just great, but I think there is a terrific work behind them in order to making them suit kids and the older audience at the same time. I adore those jokes that are made in these films, kids just laugh at them because they are funny, but we adults can see the “other” meaning they had put into it.

      I will tell my daugther, thanks a lot! We had always thought that she had great ability to illustrate things with simple lines! This talent is surely not from me though 😀

      And thank you very much for stopping by my blog, I hope I can give some people as much joy and fun as I get reading your and other wonderful people’ s blogposts out there 🙂 !

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