Oh No, Not Another Pet Story!

Yes, I know…but I just can not let it go. I feel so sorry for some small creatures.

The story started with my kids begging for a dog or at least a cat (grr, must say that I am totally not a cat person, maybe it has something to do with my cat allergy) for a long-long time now.

I kept reminding them about the fact that they already had a dog of their own, but no, they want a new one, in my house, a tiny little one. I must add that one of our neighbours recently got a puppy and my kids are so enthusiastic about her so they want to play with her and walk her all the time šŸ™‚ .

Ok, so…last November the girls father (my Swedish ex) promised them that I would buy them hamsters!!! Note this selflessness! First it made me mad but after some thinking I agreed on getting them hamsters. We went to the pet shop and we came home with 3 little dwarf hamsters, 2 females and a male so everyone was happy.

Look at the face, cute huh?

Now you might wonder why I broke at last on my “getting a new pet” philosophy. We used to have some hamsters when I was a kid, my little sister was just crazy about them. But not me I must tell. I was terrified even touching them šŸ™‚ . My childhood passed by with hamsters in our house me even without daring to touch any of them. So if you can follow me now, I was thinking: OK, now I am a big girl, I am going to try to hold them at last…we all need different kind of challenges during life, huh? šŸ˜€

After 3 weeks of happy period the surprize came!!! One morning I found 7 small pink whining babies in their house. After the first shock I had to make sure that the other female wouldn’t hurt the babies so I drove to a pet shop to get a new cage and I separated them.

The other female hamster looked so unhappy without company so I decided to get her a “boyfriend”. That was back in November last year and I must say that we keep getting babies since then, every third-fourth week there is a new delivery šŸ™‚

Luckily we made an agreement with the pet shop that I would deliver those babies to them after 4-5 weeks and receive some hamster food in exchange šŸ™‚ .

This is fun in a way, but I started to feel sorry for those poor ones, their live is a constant breast-feeding and delivery circle.Ā  Should I try to give them a happy life by separating the males from the females or is it the way of nature that they are happy with? This is a great dilemma…


2 thoughts on “Oh No, Not Another Pet Story!

  1. Good grief! I don’t know. We had the same type of situation with rabbits when my kids were little. We built a new hutch for the male rabbit really quickly! However, you do have something to do with the babies…. Not very helpful, am I? LOL
    You know where I live you can only buy female hamsters in the pet stores. Seriously. No one sells the males, I guess to keep from other people being able to reproduce them.

    • Hi Krissa,
      See, THAT’S a good idea, I wonder why noone had thought of it here in Hungary šŸ™‚
      The pet shop keeper is seriously getting more and more upset about me delivering a bunch of hamsters every 4-5th week. My boyfriend said once that she is going to close the store as soon as I park my car at the parking lot šŸ˜€

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