This is how I was “Rockin’ the bump” for the 3rd time…

Since I like this great idea so much I am going to join the movement too:

He I am with my rather colossal belly in week 42, the night before we went to the hospital for inducement:

Although my face was normal all through pregnancy, my ankles looked like they belonged to an elephant 🙂 .

And this is little E. that popped out of my huge tummy the next day. Sorry about the photo quality but the picture was taken speedily with a mobile phone and I wanted to share just this photo with you. Note his arms! It is so funny! A friend of us said that Popeye can go to h.ll with his muscles compared to these. We laughed out loud!

He was 4560 g and 56 cm long! A huge little boy! The nurses told me that he looked like a 2 months old baby and other moms looked a bit strange at me carrying such a big baby around the new-born department.

Yet the funniest thing was that after a day he went all yellow on his skin so they had to put him into an incubator to take a blue-light tan. Those incubators were made for pre-mature babies not such huge ones like my son! I had to laugh so much when they showed me how much he fills that incubator up, practically he was kicking and boxing those side windows 😀 !

And these are my angels that were waiting for us to come home:

Big sister O.


Little sister A.


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