Allergy times..not welcome

I am back to Hungary again.

I had left my girls with their father in Sweden for a month.

Together with the warm weather I got my allergy back here, it is killing me, scratchy eyes, nose, ears and even throat (!!!).

While I was in Sweden I enjoyed the fresh air at the countryside in contempt of the rather cold early spring-like weather I experienced this time. And there was no sign of any kind of allergy there! It just disappeared for a couple of days…what a relief it was!

When I got back to Hungary a much warmer climate hit me already at the airport and right after landing I started to feel strange in my lungs, it felt heavy in some ways I can not describe.

Welcome home!  ?????? Is this supposed to be home?  A place where I feel sick? Or is it home after all? I have unfortunately no answer to that question.

It’s been like this for almost 5 years now.

My life feels like an eternal run between Sweden and Hungary, between my kids, between my memories and my possibilities, between my past and present lives.

I promised to myself that I would figure things out with myself soon. I’d better do before displeasing everyone around me…


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