Quote of the day: “Stop questioning, just follow the rules!”

Back in Sweden finally!

As I just arrived to Sweden with my eldest daughter (Olivia) last night we met up with her Swedish father at the airport and rushed away to the local airport police office in hope for being able to renew Olivia’s Swedish passport. We were quite lucky that they had late calling hours.

We got in after some waiting time in front of their office, apparently they had a little gappy staff situation. The police woman was very nice and friendly with us despite the late work.


In Sweden both parents to a child must be present when a passport is prolonged AND both of them must legitimize itself and sign in front of the officer.

This is where the problem started…

Since I am Hungarian citizen and have a Hungarian passport the woman behind the desk started to look more and more worried, she made some phone-calls asking for guidelines to follow. Apparently my foreign passport wasn’t accepted as an official ID-card in Sweden.




Both Hungary and Sweden is a member of European Union and our national ID-cards, driving licences look about identical and are written in English too. But all that goes for nothing!




Luckily my ex prepared a kind of a document that was signed by his father as a testimony to prove that I am the one that I personate, LOL. This paper made our case prosper directly, the photo was taken in a second, the signature and the fingerprints were scanned and after some minutes we got the receipt that is to be showed up when the passport is ready most likely within 5 working days. That was good news for us!

Anyways I found the fact that I am not able to legitimize myself alone in Sweden very weird so I asked the lady how come that I have a valid Hungarian (EU) passport, a valid Hungarian national ID-card, a valid Hungarian drivers-license and a – unfortunately – expired Swedish national ID-card and still it is not enough.

At that point my ex hissed disdain at me: “Stop questioning, just follow the rules!”  After the first shock I laughed out loud quietly inside me, this is so typical him 🙂 and I acclaimed this to be the quote of the day.


I appreciate your comments a lot, feel free to tell me what's in your mind!

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