Camping season has started

The camping season started a while ago for us. Yes, we are camping people and we enjoy it a lot even though we have a house and a garden to take care of too. From spring to autumn we go, every second weekend or so, we usually make these weekends long ones.

We own a rather big caravan with 6 beds inside. I must say that it was a challenge finding a car to tow it with. And of course we take half of our house with us :). Can you imagine how comfortable it is to be able to fill the caravan with all the stuff we are going to need including sheets and pillows too and off we go…

There are so many thermal bath resorts with a camping beside in Hungary. It is just really nice putting your flip-flops, bathing suit and bathrobe on and after some metres walk you reach the outside or inside pools filled with warm thermal water.

I must say that this is the ultimate holiday for us with kids. They enjoy it a lot, they can freely move and play around the camping area, it is safe and busy. Usually there are a lot of people their with kids in their age since we gather with 50-100 people from our regional camping club.

Nice it is, we never go bored there.We usually cook together, have chats and parties far into the nights. The kids always have some activities together such as movie nights, competitions and so on.

After all the nicest thing is – I must admit that my mother- and father-in-law have a caravan too – that they come along every single time. We make a good team when it comes to kid-care and hereby we all have the chance of recreation since we split all work such as cooking, looking after the kids, putting them to bed etc.

I am so grateful to them! I wish everyone had this kind of help.


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