Wohoo…off my way to Sweden again!

But only for a short stay this time.

My oldest daughter finishes school soon here in Hungary so I’ll take her to her daddy tomorrow.

The worst thing with these travels is that I can not return home directly after I had left her there but I most usually need to stay over for a couple of days because of the lousy flight frequency.

This can be fun sometimes when I meet up with my old-time friends from my life period in Sweden, but on cold winter days it is rather unpleasant., although I ‘m used to cold climate now (8 years spent in this frosty country made me sharp).

My good friend that I usually visit and spend some time together during my stays had just bought a nice house in a great place next to a lake and I really hope that they had the chance moving in already so I could come and visit them.

Guess what they have as well. A nice neat warm watered pool  with district-heating and wooden deck. It sounds wonderful, just can’t wait taking a dip!


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