Man…that’s a lot of kids!

I thought that I had a lot of kids but I just found out about a mom I usually see around the schoolyard in the mornings that she had actually 8 kids! OMG!

First I was in shock then I asked her whether all of them were hers, if she gave birth to every single one of them. How is that possible? Apparently they are all hers…seven boys and a girl. And even if you would think that they were working on a girl, the girl was not the youngest one of them.

How do you manage life with 8 kids around? As a matter of fact what kind of dining table do you need to be able to gather the whole family around? And how the hell do you take them all out for a drive or a holiday? Ok, there are vans but still it seems so out of the world for me right now.

Managing my life with my three kids is a struggle indeed. Two of them has a Swedish father and were born in Sweden and the little one had the Hungarian father we live with right now. I have to admit that it is quite a challenge setting up all the dates the girls are flying to Sweden to meet their father. These dates and stays mus suit their father, his job, Swedish and Hungarian schools and the rest of my family that stays back in Hungary.

The biggest problem is the flights. Since we are using a low-cost company to fly with it is not possible to have kids assistance and on addition to this they are not allowed to fly alone until the age of 15. So this more or less makes us travel with the girls you can imagine.

My kids get on the plain as if they were taking the train or bus :). They have been doing this since they were born and I must say that it does not bother them at all.

Travelling with them back and forward is so time-consuming, sometimes these days or weeks are pretty much undesirable. But what can I do? I need to hold out, I put myself into this situation by moving out of the country. Damn! 😀


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