Career vs. family

I used to have a life with prospects concerning work and career while living in Sweden. Even having kids did not put me at a disadvantage.The fact is that  you are more attractive on the job market in Sweden if you have children. You are favoured because you probably are a better problem solver, you can deal with several things at a time, have better patience and tolerance and you have simply and solely more life experience than people without any kids.

I worked for a huge international telecom company, started at young age and I was climbing that ladder sacrificing my free time for overtime. Just some weeks before I was going to leave the country and move back home to Hungary(why? see my previous post) I was asked to apply a manager position by one of the top managers. That was my dream position for that time of my life and I had to decline.

So I moved, they let me do some remote work for them from Hungary for a while but after a year or so they made me quit. After some months of frustration and a tons of e-mails sent around the company’s local office (that is Budapest, 3 hours drive from my town) hired me to a line manager position referring that they needed me to set up a new local office at my location. The plan was to hire over hundred people, mostly engineers and I was helping out with the job interviews, office rental and technical training to start with.

After some months I was asked to come for a meeting with one of the top managers and I was informed about the sad fact that this local office was going to be shut down due to a top manager swap that took place in Sweden. Apparently this new manager did not support the idea of this office. They made me choose: either I take my family with me and move to Budapest in a very short notice or I quit. Since my kids were small, one of them starting school at that time and my boyfriend was having a local business my worst fears came true: I had to quit again!!!


This happened 2 years ago. Bleak prospects for finding a job nearby although I had already sent in my CV to at least 50 companies. I am a woman and I have three rather small kids. Employers in Hungary do not really like to hire people like me. My CV is the first one to land in the waste bin.

I want to work, produce something, have something to wake up for in the mornings. I want to meet people, socialize at the workplace, I need the feeling of achieving something. I want to be appreciated.

Why is it so difficult to conciliate kids and work?


I appreciate your comments a lot, feel free to tell me what's in your mind!

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